Caffè Ginevra s.r.l.
Viale della Regione, 160 93100 Caltanissetta (CL), Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 0934 584359

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Caffè Ginevra a Caltanissetta - dal 1923



Caffè Ginevra can boast a wide portfolio of quality certifications that attest to the care and experience with which the company carries out the production of coffee, in addition to all the other product lines. This prestigious result has been obtained thanks to a safe and quality production system which has led to obtaining the following certifications. The “Organic” line with the Geneva brand also comes from organic farming and is obtained without the use of any synthetic chemical substance, in full respect of the environment.

Some blends used for our coffees come from “Organic Agriculture”. Our coffee line includes an organic solution for coffee beans and one for ground coffee. Caffè Ginevra is a certified organic company: operator NN° 544 W controlled and certified by Ecogruppo Italia SrL IT BIO 008.

A.E.O. (Authorized economic operator)

The status of authorized economic operator, AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certifies a specific situation of reliability of a company towards the customs authorities and is part of the new computerization procedures in relations between private parties and authorities in charge of the activities control in international trade.