Caffè Ginevra s.r.l.
Viale della Regione, 160 93100 Caltanissetta (CL), Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 0934 584359

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Caffè Ginevra a Caltanissetta - dal 1923


Respect for quality, care of the ingredients in a modern packaging.

High standards, rigorous and continuous quality and traceability controls.

Caffè Ginevra guarantees those high standards are maintained and although the process of roasting coffee may have changed, that focus on quality and freshness is stronger than ever. The production of the blend is accompanied by rigorous and continuous quality control, traceability and HACCP controls.

Packaging techniques to safeguard the taste and aroma.

Each mixture follows a particular packaging process, designed to ensure and preserve the original fragrance.

The new coffee line enclosed in a modern and safe packaging.

Freshly roasted and ground, the coffee is enclosed in a package velvety and soft (soft touch) in protected atmosphere with aroma-unidirectional valve, which prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the product keeping the freshness and aroma unchanged.

From love for the genuine kindness and the constant search for sweetness, simplicity and balance comes a new line of family products “Caffè Ginevra”. Coffee beans also in the “organic” line, ground and soluble coffee, In addition, a new line dedicated to coffee machines in pods and capsules.